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Sunday, March 09, 2014

A thank you

Last weekend my friends Joanne and Paula went up to Rotorua for the Majacraft Camp; I was (and still am) a little jealous; but couldn't fit it in the budget with the garage at its current stage.
I did ask Joanne to pick me up something nice from the traders instead with the idea that I'd reimburse her.   That didn't go quite according to plan, she did get me something, but she won't let me pay her for it (isn't that nice of her?).

So yesterday, my spinning plans got hijacked when she gave me the lovely fluffy, in just my colours!
I had been planning on continuing with my corriedale; instead I started prepping this:

From Fibre2Go on a base of 50% merino, 30% alpaca and 20% silk in the colourway Mediterranean.
I didn't get started spinning it, that's about to start in about 5 minutes, but I did get it all prepped for spinning.   I'm hoping to spin this very fine and Navajo ply it to get something under fingering weight.   It's only 34g so the finer I go the better.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

That will be lovely spun up!

Leanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Debbie (NZDebz) and I hung out with Joanne and Paula over the weekend...the yard both lovely people. I can understand you wishing you had been there, it was amazing, but you are also very lucky to have two such lovely friends ;-)

That fibre will look amazing, I bought a couple of packs of that blend too and am itching to get it on my wheel!

Leanne said... Best Blogger Tips

they are....not the yard!

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