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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More sickies

Had Ian home the last two days with diarrhea, George was home on Monday with a sore tummy, went to school today, but now also has a milder version of Ian's diarrhea so both will be home tomorrow.   As a result I haven't done my hour's catch up for the design course; had to cancel it.   At least there's no temptation to put them in front of Cartoon Network cos Sky TV is now gone and we just have Freeview.    Considering selling the DVD recorder to replace it with a Blu-ray player as we can plug a hard drive into the Freeview box to record onto if need be.

Tomorrow I have to take some fabric samples back, so Dh will stay home for a very short time so I can do so; thinking groceries may have to be online and I might just have to suck up for the delivery fee.

In good news my FIL has got the trailer warranted so I can go and pick up the loom in 2 weeks.     Also, I have finished my Socks to Walk With and will definitely use the pattern again.
Hermione's Everyday Socks is the pattern
I will in fact be making this using the same yarn again in a different colourway and with probably another 8 pattern repeats which should make them closer to the length I prefer.

Now I can transfer the Chiao Goo needles on to my test knit socks for Valerie; the Knitpro carbon needles are shedding their nickel coating and need to go back for replacement.  Luckily Knitpicks have a good warranty and Morag of Vintage Purls is always great to deal with.   Now to do some more knitting on the test knit; 2 repeats done on the leg already, the original pattern only did 3 repeats total, but I like my socks a little longer; even for summer so I'm doing at least 4, maybe 5.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh no - I hope everyone is feeling better soon

kathy b said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous socks. Love the brightness and the pattern.sorry about the sick ones at home THat is always so difficult

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