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Thursday, March 01, 2012

And a book arrives

I'm still waiting for the latest Interweave Knits to arrive; hoping it gets here tomorrow but a couple of days ago another book arrived so I thought I'd show it to you.

The book is A Handknit Romance, it's lovely but I'm not sure if it's me.  I'm going to have to think about it for a while.

There's a mix of different items in there; a couple of beaded bags which are beautiful, but I've got nowhere I'd use them.
There's a third bag that's not beaded; it's a chevron stitch, also not me.  The photo in Rav isn't a close up though so I won't link it here.

There are a few cardigan/jacket options as well so I'll do a quick overview
Wrapover cardigan; a fairly classic style which might work for me, but I don't love it.
Lace Shrug.  I quite like this, but I'm not sure about that wee ding at the back of the armhole.  There are other shrug patterns out there I prefer though so it won't be queued.
Fitted Jacket.  I love the back, but I'm not sure about the fit of the front; hard to tell the way she's standing though.  Not something I'd knit as it won't fit in with my lifestyle.
Next we have one skirt
Lovely drape, this would go with anything.  This is the item that makes me want to keep the book.
Tops; there are quite a few of these, many are very lacy and would be nice for summer or evening wear; though you'll need to wear something under them unless you want to show your assets a lot.
This looks like 1920's to me, no real shape to it so it wouldn't suit me.
Lace-edged camisole.   This is really cute and would make a lovely piece of lingerie.  Not sure how well it sits at the back; could maybe have done with a better block before the photography
Lace Blouse.  I love the front of this, but the back is really loose which I don't like so much.   I think I'd have to re-engineer the back if I made it.  You can also see the lace gloves in the picture; these are something I'd love to make and I don't think I'd need to make any changes to them.
Cotton Camisole.  This is cute and would be lovely in summer, would even work in my wardrobe for summer.
Beaded top and mittens.  This is elegant and drapey.   I think the mitts need to be pulled up higher, they remind me of stockings that are falling down at the moment.
Then there are the dresses; both of these seem to be based on 1920's styles.   Neither would suit me, my figure is a bit too curvy.
Lurex dress.   Don't like this one at all, I think it's the sleeves
Flapper Dress.  This is slightly better, but still not me.
Then finally we have the accessories not already in the above photo's.   There's a pair of stockings in 4-ply which to me seems a little heavy for stockings of the era concerned; laceweight would work better.   Another pair of very pretty gloves, a couple of crochet necklaces I like one of them, but not the other.  There's also a lace scarf, a set of lavender hearts which I'll never knit.

I suspect that after I knit the skirt and the gloves then I may well end up selling this book; I don't generally keep books that I only want to knit a couple of things from.   It'll be a while before I get onto the skirt so it has time to persuade me otherwise.

I bought this book, my opinions are my own and all the photo's came from the Ravelry site which uses photo's originally from the book.  I received nothing for reviewing the book.


Cat said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE the flapper dress and the lurex dress but oh oh oh the hours that would go into knitting! *sigh* and I'm not that much of a knitter but ohhhhh so pretty

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

One day I want to knit a dress, but not yet and I think it'll be a thicker wool; the idea of working something like that in fingering weight or even DK is scary! This is from the person who wants to do an adult jumper in fingering weight yarn in colourwork; probably the same amount of work, lol.

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