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Friday, August 12, 2011

More snow?

We're hoping not, but the forecast is for snow from Sunday through to Tuesday; I might get to do a fair bit of knitting and housework.    Unfortunately the yarn for my Camp Loopy project 3 isn't here yet and if it doesn't arrive tomorrow then I won't be able to work on it from the start date of 15th.   Fingers are crossed though.
In the meantime I've been working on my Central Park Hoodie, am now past the elbow on both sleeves, my handspun socks are also gaining length.  Plus I've cast on and finished a pair of wee baby socks in my own pattern (Lace Chain Baby Socks).  I love this pattern, even if I say so myself.  This pair is in green, but no photo's till the recipient has been given them tomorrow.   My pattern testers all said that the socks stay on really well and fit well.

My new project when the yarn arrives is a Cecily Glowik MacDonald pattern called Jetty.  I'll be knitting it in Cascade 220 in the colour Aporto.  I think it'll look fantastic!   The brief for the final Camp Loopy project was to knit something with 800 yards or more.  I was originally going to do the February Fitted Pullover, but someone else on Ravelry mentioned the Jetty pattern, I took a look and fell in love!   Yarn, please get here tomorrow, I want to be able to get started swatching!!!!

Still no movement from EQC about our contents claim, only good thing is Thomas gets paid his bonus later this month which will pay the hp off before interest is being charged.  We will also pay the motorbike insurance, the Visa (though that's pretty low) and maybe a little spending.  I want Thomas to get his own battery charger for his bike and the car so we don't have to keep borrowing his dad's one.   Thinking about a stereo for the car, but I don't use it that often so not sure; however it could be that I don't use it cos it stops going, jumps from one speaker to another and is basically dodgy as all hell.

On the spinning front I've not done a lot, finished the last of the Tour de Fleece yarn, this is Pukeko Paradise, 625 yards of medium weight yarn
My next spinning project won't be as pretty as it's a plain undyed Merino in a camel shade, spinning it finely and will be a 3-ply yarn aimed at making jersey's for the boys, probably with some cable patterns.   A 3-ply yarn will be nicely rounded and should work really well for cables, it'll be soft enough to keep George happy and if he doesn't like the colour I can always dye it to a darker blue (his favorite colour).
I won't be buying any more fibre or yarn for a while, have way too much at the moment and want to create some more storage space.

On the sewing front I've made 2 pairs of trousers for the boys for school, as well as finishing a pair of pj's for George.  Both boys love the new clothes.   I've started on my skirt; at the moment only the embellishment is done, but I have the inch-tape on the front and also free-motioned a rose in black thread on the grey fabric.  Looking really good so far and as soon as I get some more time I'll get in the sewing room and get the skirt finished and then work on my tunic tops too.   If we get snow and don't lose power.....


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