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Monday, June 13, 2011

Another large aftershock

Today's been a rocky one.  A magnitude 5.5 earthquake at 1pm and then at 2.20pm a 6.0 magnitude quake.  The 5.5 was bad enough, but the 6.0 resulted in the school sending all the kids home when their parents got there; bags left in cloakrooms again just like February.   Both boys seem ok, apparently Ian was on the monkey bars during the first one and was most upset about being required to get off!   He found it quite exciting.
Not sure what's happening with work, they were fine after the first one, but no reply after the second to my email so I suspect they might have closed for the day; will have to find out tomorrow as all the work I have is urgent and there's more to be picked up and done; being an international order the time constraints are a little greater than normal.
The 6 was rather scary; I was sitting working and picked up my hot chocolate so as not to get it on the keyboard; the peach trees outside were dancing and we could hear stuff smashing all over the place.  Funny thing is we can't find what was making the noises; nothing broken as far as we can tell!
Family all ok, though my In-Laws were without power and water last we heard and FIL had lost a good guitar.  My parents are fine as are both my sister-in-laws.  Assuming my brother is, haven't heard different and with power being out over there I won't be able to get hold of them. 
As usual we're being told to stay off the roads (if work's open tomorrow I'll have to go in).  My usual route home won't be available, big cracks in the support for the bridge I go over so it's closed; kind of glad of that!

On a brighter note, I got to go to the guild on Saturday where my Citron shawl was given much admiration.   It's now blocked and has grown 30cm in width. 
I wore it all day today too, photo's a little blurry, but I'm really pleased with how it looks and feels.  Lovely and warm and it was commented on positively at school too, and then again at work.

I'm very pleased, isn't it lovely?

Also today my DellaQ needle case arrived; it's for my interchangeables and also my fixed sock circulars; no piccie yet as I haven't had time to open it with the urgent work.  I have taken time to look at the new Interweave Crochet (review to come) and the latest Spin-Off.  Spin-Off is my last, I've not renewed the subscription as I don't feel I'm getting any new material, so for me it's not worth continuing to get it.

Still no sign of Ian's birthday books, really hoping they arrive before Sunday's party.  Also no sign of my shawl yarn which I need for the Loopy Camp.  Fingers crossed for both of them.


JJ said... Best Blogger Tips

It is SO beautiful - the shawl that is. Gorgeous colours. So sorry for you all down in Christchurch. When will it stop!

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The shawl looks fantastic!
Hope the earth settles down for you soon.

KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

Your shawl looks great! I hope that things have settled down somewhat for you today.

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