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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interweave Knits Summer 2011 and a decision

I'll put the decision first I think.   For the last wee while I've been trying to work out what washing machine and oven we'll get when EQC get their A into G and pay our contents claim.  I've been looking at either a Fisher and Paykel stove or a Parmco one; for the washing machine it's been between another Bosch or an Asko.
Still to discuss it with Thomas, but at this point there's still no money and as I normally use both appliances a lot more than he does I think he'll be ok with it.
Oven:  going with Fisher and Paykel, has a bigger oven space and storage drawer at the bottom, more importantly the controls are at the back, so harder for the boys to get to (I don't want them getting to them).  The Parmco has a small storage drawer which would be problematic and the controls are above the oven door so too easy for boys to fiddle with and turn on without us noticing.

Washing Machine:  Got to be Bosch as Asko don't do an 8kg machine and after getting my wee 7kg machine (which is already having issues) to wash 2 duvets this morning I realise I need the extra space to fit these things in.  Could probably get by with 1 wash a day with the bigger machine too, which we can't with the current one.

And now onto what you've been waiting for:
Interweave Knits
First impression on this one is quite favourable.  Although I think their model choices for a couple of the outfits weren't ideal it's still nice to see models who are real sizes.   Just a pity the wrap style went on the normal sized model who doesn't actually suit it.  There's a lot of nice things in here; only one that I just simply don't get.  Most could easily be changed to suit my preferences.

Custom Pictorial Lace Motifs:  
I think they must have been reading my mind on this one.  I'd been thinking that it must be possible to design your own lace inspired by common shapes and it turns out I'm right!   I'll be referring to this later I think, though not for elephants as it'll be something for me.  I love the swatch experiments she did; that'll be really handy and save me some work.

Coral Cardigan:
This is the one where I think they chose the wrong model; I think the sleeve length is probably not helping either as it ends on her widest spot which is visually not a good thing.  It looks really good on the picture where she has her arm bent so the sleeve ends higher; I think either an above elbow sleeve or a long sleeve without the puff would work well.  I'd also make it longer in the body I think.  Other than that one judgement lapse (sleeve length), I think it is a rather nice wrap style cardigan and I'd consider knitting it.

Greenhouse Tank:
I'd definitely knit this, very pretty, but I'd do it with a little negative ease rather than the 2" positive ease they've gone for.   Positive ease would make it work well for someone who's pregnant, but if you're not it makes you look like you're trying to hide a pregnancy.   Love the wee buttons down the side and the lace would make it interesting to knit.   From someone who's currently working through a lot of knitting in the round with nothing else, lace looks really good!

Adriatic Cardigan:
Love this, very 50's which I like.  A little glamour, some lace and plenty of fitting.  With the V-neck you can wear anything under it too which is good.  I think I might want to slightly narrow the neck width as I hate feeling like things are trying to escape my shoulders, but aside from that; eminently knittable and wearable.

Torch Lily Tee:
This is another I adore.   Love the neckline shape, it fits well and has plenty of interest in the lace panels on the front.  I also like the short sleeves; much as I love sleeveless it no longer really works well my figure.  I want one, if it had come out before I started my current project I might well have made this instead.   Too late now, but it's going in the queue.

Cobblestone Vest: 
To me this looks a little messy.   The front opening is too low, don't really like the tie either.   It doesn't fit that well at the back either which doesn't help.   Maybe for some slim young thing?

Camp Smock:
This is very sweet; wouldn't work on me unfortunately without some adjustment; I'm a bit too busty.  This would work really well on anyone with a B cup or less I think.  Otherwise you'll need to make the empire top a little longer and maybe incorporate some shaping too.  Aside from that though it's a nice simple pattern that looks gorgeous on the model.   I almost regret my bust; but it works well for so many other patterns.

Lace and Cable Scarflette:
Hmm, I'm not a big scarf person but this is nice in some ways, love the cable, however if I knit it there won't be trim on one long edge.   I like fringing on the 2 short edges, but the long edge is making my neck itch and I"m not even wearing it!

Hourglass Lace Socks:
You all know I'm a sucker for socks and these are no exception.  Love the lacy cable look and the heel is really cute too.   Interesting to knit I'd imagine too.

Mission Cardigan:
Remember at the beginning I said there was one outfit I just didn't get?   This is it; it's so much open-work you've got to wonder why you'd bother wearing it.  I like the basic shape, but it's so much mesh that it looks like someone took their coarse fishnets and decided to sew them into a cardigan.

Banstead Pullover:
This is actually taken from an Interweave Press book (Knitting Plus: Mastering Fit + Plus-Size Style + 15 Projects ).  It starts at size 42 which is slightly too big for me, but I have to say the pattern is gorgeous and if it came in my size I'd be queueing it.   Hopefully this winter doesn't get me to that size (it's only a small step).   Love the neckline, which would be practical for summer and it displays her assets in a flattering manner.   It's also nice to see a true "plus size" model.  Still can't believe that size 12 Australian is considered "plus" in modelling circles; that's ridiculous.  I guess going by that I'd be an Elephantine model if I modelled.

Dockside Cardigan:
I really like this, though I don't know if it would work on me being so very curvy in front.  I tend to prefer more tailored lines.  Looks wonderful from the side; almost Victorian.  I could just see it over a crinoline skirt.

Swirl Skirt:
I rather like this too, not the colours but the shape of it.  I've always wanted to try knitting a skirt; not sure if this is the one yet or not, but it's joining the list of possibles.  I really like the lines of colour swirling around it and the slight flare at the bottom.   I could see it in a darker colour with bright lines.

Cumulus Tee:
I really like this, nice shape, a little skin flirtation at neckline and sleeve edge, but still modest enough for those of us who no longer have the perfect figure.  This is going in the queue as well.

Cat's Eye Tam:
Colourwork, what more can I say?   I love that this also is a slouchy tam; slouch suits me and although they are saying it's for summer I think it would work well for winter too.  A great way to use up little bits of leftover fingering yarn too, the colourwork band is fairly narrow so wouldn't need a lot of yarn.  No reason why you couldn't use a different colour from the main hat for the pattern in the middle either.  Queued!

Bistro Lace Stole:
Very pretty, but reminds me of crochet; I think if I was making something like this I'd go crochet.  However the likelihood is I wouldn't make it; it's too angular for me, not lacy enough for a shawl.

Lion Oh! Sweater:
Very cute, my boys are too big for this sort of thing now unfortunately.  I think most small boys and even some small girls would love it.

Amelia Hoodie:
Love this as it is.  Might consider making it slightly longer, but like the shape of the back and the hood sits nicely too.  Wee cap sleeves are also nice.  I think this is a younger style, but I'm not that old yet am I?

Al Fresco Camisole:
This is very pretty too, not suitable for me unfortunately; but would look fantastic on people with a slightly firmer shape.   Maybe later, still working on that

Pebble and Reed Tunic:
Another with the sleeves at the wrong length, I like the rest of it though.  Nice lace and love the neckline.

Baby Elephant Vest:
Nice wee vest for a youngster, would be easy to change the lace pattern too so this is customisable.

Nantucket Vest:
A circular vest, this one in ribbon yarn.  It's pretty, but probably won't suit me.  I don't much like the back though, looks like a hessian sack.


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