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Friday, April 09, 2010

School Holiday stuff

It's been the usual holiday stuff so far.  Boys got to spend a day on the Xbox, we've done gardening and looking after the guinea pigs and ducks.
Yesterday we made a scarecrow to scare the birds off our wheat seed.  It's not finished yet, but I'll take a photo once it is; it'll have a wonderful scary pumpkin face as made by George.
Today Ian went with the Autism society for horse riding and a visit to Willowbank, which it looks like he adored.  I took George to the Airforce Museum which he enjoyed but he spent the available money on food before finding out about the simulator, next time we'll use the money for the simulator instead.  Came home and did some sewing finally!   I've got 7 pairs of PJ's cut out for the boys and myself.  The trousers are half done which is good.  Photo's will come once it's finished.  George helped a wee bit which was nice too.


Thea said... Best Blogger Tips

I think 7 pairs is very impressive, it would take me months to do that.

RaCie Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm only partway there. Hoping to get the trousers finished tomorrow with hemming and elastic.

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